Black Belt Program

Refine Your Art

Just because you know a technique doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Our unique black belt program focuses on refining the Taekwondo techniques you already know. Our instructors will help you shave milliseconds off your techniques, while increasing power and accuracy.

We also emphasize more Judo and Hapkido techniques. We practice throws, sweeps, break falls, and ground work, giving you confidence in any type of self-defense scenario.

Taekwondo Sparring

We have a focus on Taekwondo sparring and competition that is unique to the Spokane area. Our instructions have competed and won medals in tournaments across the Pacific Northwest. In our classes, we practice many different Taekwondo sparring techniques that you can add to your repertoire. Feinting and faking, breathing control, how to take a hit, how to fall, reaction drills, footwork, and combinations are just some of the techniques we practice.

We also teach Taekwondo sparring theory, such as feeling out your opponent, appropriate counter-attacks, and distance zones.

Experts To Guide You

All of our instructors have achieved 2nd Dan or higher, and have been black belts for at least 10 years. They have over 45 years of combined teaching experience and over 55 years of combined martial arts training.

Skilled Training Partners

We don’t sell our black belts, you earn them. Our black belt students make for formidable training partners. At the same time, you’ll find your fellow classmates are respectful and controlled in their techniques.

Come watch one of our self-defense classes, or try out a class for free!