Trauma Informed Self-Defense Classes In Spokane

Our trauma informed self-defense classes can be a great way to learn how to protect yourself in potentially dangerous situations. We provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for individuals to learn how to defend themselves and will make accommodations to suit individual student needs. Self-defense classes can be a great way to build confidence, increase physical fitness, and learn valuable skills for personal protection. However, it’s important to remember that self-defense training is to be used in combination with good judgement. Always try to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible, and never use self-defense techniques unless needed.



The Pitfalls Of Many Self-Defense Classes

Many self-defense classes feature an attacker doing a single attack while you move out of the way and block, hit the attacker 5 times, before sweeping him and subduing the attacker before they run away. While these types of training can give confidence to a self-defense practitioner, the extra self-confidence could give a false sense of security. A real life attacker is not going to do one attack and stand there while you hit them multiple times and run away. On the other hand, if you do fully realistic fighting against an attacker that is not cooperating you or your partner could get injured and injuries are never fun. Many schools teach one or the other, but what lots of people actually desire is to be able to practice defending yourself against a realistic attacker while not getting hurt.


Our Approach To Self-Defense Classes

Our self-defense classes recognize the need to be able to defend yourself against a realistic attacker while not getting hurt. Integrity Martial Arts does not like to teach a series of moves that work against a cooperating attacker, or get injured practicing a groin kick, or eye gouges when sparring. Instead we break down the actual skills needed in a self-defense situation and teach them separately so students can get proficient with the actual skills and then drill the skills in a way that does not cause injury so students can go to school or work the next day with no injuries.


Self-Defense Class Schedule

You can see our Self-Defense Class Schedule here.