Martial Arts Classes for Children

Building Blocks For Success

We offer a unique program for kids ages 4 to 6. It’s almost like a pre-school class for martial arts students. They are taught the same techniques as the older students, but with smaller and easier to achieve goals to encourage and reward their hard work.

It’s Not All Strength

For children ages 7 to 12 our martial arts program focuses on perfecting and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques. This helps them understand that martial arts is a game of strategy, much like chess. They are taught that it is better to know when to apply certain techniques in a self-defense situation rather than randomly applying the techniques that they learned.

Homeschoolers Welcome

Martial arts can be great physical education for homeschooled kids. Even better: we work with the local school districts and have been able to provide classes for homeschooled students at no cost to them.

Come watch one of our self-defense classes, or try out a class for free!