Martial arts should be fun, and there’s nothing less fun than contracts, registration fees, and late fees. You don’t have to worry about that with us. We have no contracts, no registration fees, and no late fees – you just pay month-to-month. The tuition for our martial arts lessons is reasonable, too, so you can focus on your training instead of the cost.

Low Prices

At Integrity Martial Arts our prices are so low that it actually costs more for daycare than it does for Martial Arts classes. We also have a discount for students with multiple family members with the discount getting larger the bigger your family is. Our prices also vary depending on whether or not you take extra classes for competition with our prices getting as low as $5 per class hour if you are taking our competition class.

No Required Equipment

We don’t require you to purchase expensive sparring gear and weapons to train with us. Although you may want to buy your own eventually, we have sparring gear that students can use in class, free of charge.

Special For New Students

Limited time special, new students receive $20 off a uniform when signing up for class!

Shopping Options

Integrity Martial Arts sells any equipment that you may need, including uniforms and sparring gear. However, we don’t require you to buy over-priced, branded equipment to attend class. If you already own your own equipment or uniform, you are welcome to use it.

Earn Your Belt

We don’t add extra belts so you’re having to pay for a new test and belt every month. We stick the original Taekwondo ranking system of 10 different belts, or gups. We test you when you’re ready, so you aren’t “buying” your rank – you earn it. Your wallet will thank you.

Come watch one of our self-defense classes in Spokane, or try out a class for free!